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Marty Fulford
455 NW Tyler Ave
Corvallis, OR  97330
Cellular: 541-829-2556
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Hi I am Marty! Here is a little about me...

I am blessed to be married to my husband and best friend for the last 25+ years, and we have four fabulous kids and two dogs.  We met in college and have been together ever since!  I also have two sisters and two brothers, so it's a really good thing that I like people!  My siblings rock!  They are some of the very best people I know!  We all live in different cities but in the blink of an eye we will call, or visit and it is just like we never parted.

While I met my husband the University of Kentucky, my bachelor's degree is in Business Management from Marymount University.  There I was president of Phi Beta Lamda, and worked at the IRS - Office of Chief Counsel, while putting myself through school.  Tough to balance, but so worth it!

Competition....I love competition.  Weather it is to beat my last attempt, win a game of backgammon, I want to be in the hunt....and preferable win.  It drives me and encourages me.  Real estate and competition go hand in hand, I love it.

My first love was swimming, I find peace in the water.  The smell of choline actually makes me smile.  When I was young, I quickly realized that freestyle was the event that most girls swam and swam well. Since I was coming in late to the party, I choose to specialize in butterfly (plus my odds of winning were much improved).  It is a beautiful and powerful stroke that demands complete concentration and strength along with coordination.

When not working as a realtor, I can be found at my children’s games and recitals, volunteering in the community, hanging out with my family and friends. I also enjoying reading, swimming, hiking, working on a puzzle, and arts and crafts.
How did we end up here in the Willamette Valley? Ed, my husband, was given the opportunity to relocate and work for HP in any of their Northwest locations and after much research and visiting we choose the Willamette Valley … and couldn’t be happier! The livability and people here is unmatchable.

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Marty Fulford
455 NW Tyler Ave
Corvallis, OR  97330
Cell:  541-829-2556